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May 1, 2024Much ado about the ocean-blue
April 24, 2024Happy Right Whale Day!
April 22, 2024Enclosed: wondrous whales
April 19, 2024After all the ocean does for us, it's time to return the favor
March 30, 2024Give the gift of protection
March 25, 2024A new kind of wind energy is picking up speed off the coast of Massachusetts.

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Save the Right Whales

The North Atlantic right whale is a critically endangered whale. In the 1970s, with the first whale watches, there were estimated to be 350 right whales, and the population was growing. Then, in 2017, right whales took a turn for the worse. By 2020, the population had fallen to 338 right whales, with only 50-70 breeding females. We must now do more to protect and restore right whales.


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