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Enclosed: wondrous whales

Today is Earth Day!

And we’re celebrating by showing off the best of the most majestic creatures of the sea: whales!

First up, probably one of the most famous and easily identifiable species of whales in the world, the orca, or killer whale.

While orcas are far and away the most well-known of our whale community, humpback whales have a unique shape and distinctive color that make them quite the sight to behold.

Blue whales have their own claim to fame: they are the largest documented animals to ever live on planet Earth. These wondrous whales are true marvels of our past and present.

There’s no better champion of the ocean than the loudest whale of them all: the Sperm whale. These whales are capable of making sounds up to 230 decibels, the same level as a jet engine. When one of these boisterous whales is around, you’ll be sure to hear it.

And finally, our personal favorite, the North Atlantic Right Whale! We may be biased, but this fella doesn’t always get his just due. And as one of the most critically endangered and lesser known of all whales, they deserve some love and attention.

Remember that what we do on land makes a big impact – either good or bad – on marine life like these wondrous whales. Happy Earth Day today and everyday!

Steady on,


Posted on April 22, 2024.

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Save the Right Whales

The North Atlantic right whale is a critically endangered whale. In the 1970s, with the first whale watches, there were estimated to be 350 right whales, and the population was growing. Then, in 2017, right whales took a turn for the worse. By 2020, the population had fallen to 338 right whales, with only 50-70 breeding females. We must now do more to protect and restore right whales.


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