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Earth and ocean: it’s all connected!

Coral reefs around the world are in danger.

Coral reefs are living creatures; invertebrates that create magnificent ocean habitats that act as “rainforests of the sea.” Reefs contribute to a tremendous biodiversity whereby 25% of all marine species live in or around coral reefs.

Reefs and their habitats create some of the most beautiful ocean scenery out there, but they’re so much more than just their good looks.

Reefs are essential to help protect coastlines and coastal populations from damaging and dangerous storms. They protect and maintain commercial fishery operations, contribute to ocean tourism and recreation, and help preserve and regulate the entire marine ecosystem. Compounds found in coral reefs and their dwellers have even been used to develop products for everything from fighting cancer to cosmetics.

Corals coexist with algae in a symbiotic relationship where these organisms cooperate and rely on each other for a multitude of functions. But the magic of this relationship is threatened by warming water temperatures and increased acidification caused by climate change. As the water temperature rises, the coral expels the algae with the necessary nutrients to retain its color and stay healthy, called coral bleaching. If temperatures continue to rise, corals can experience intense heat stress, and in some cases, widespread death.

No matter if you live near or far from coral reefs, we can all take steps to be more conscious about Earth’s ecosystems.

Always recycle and dispose of trash correctly. A lot of our trash and improperly recycled items end up in oceans and can directly harm our beautiful coral reefs. Choose fish and seafood raised and harvested in sustainable ways to keep our oceans healthy and thriving. And make sure that the folks in charge making big decisions affecting our planet know that you are a conservation voter and protecting our oceans and taking bold action on climate change is a big priority for you.

Earth and ocean: it’s all connected!

Steady on,

Posted on June 3, 2024.

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